Monday, August 29, 2005


Some of you probably might remember that Video with the Clear Type team on channel9. They showed off this very nice looking book: "Now read this - The Microsoft Clear Type Font Collection". As soon as I saw that video I asked them for a copy and forgot about it. Today I had this book in my snailmailbox. What a pleasant suprise.

The book starts with a introduction by Bill Hill (I just love his well-styled facehair) followed by a explanation of cleartype and then presents new cleartype fonts designer for Windows Vista (Constantia, Cambria, Corbel, Candara, Calibri, Consolas, Meiryo,). If I understood this right some really famous artists participated in the design of those fonts.

The book is beatutifully layouted and the pages are decorated with samples of fonts. It really meets the eye. For more information visit the Microsoft ClearType Site.

books books books

There have been announced several cool new books (in time for the PDC). I hope I will be able to buy them at the PDC (and get them signed by the authors). I thought I'd share the list here. Feel free to give me hints about other cool new books.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Will I be able to see the HOLLYWOOD sign form the convention center ?

According to my calculations it could be possible to see the HOLLYWOOD sign from the L.A. convention center where the PDC is taking place. Here is the virtual earth map with both places marked. [1] is the convention center and [2] is not far from the sign. (I was not able to mark the sign directly)

According to this image the area is totally flat and the hills can be seen in the distance.

The sign should be somewhere on the left outside the picture. It is going ot be be very far away and the infamous L.A. smog might blur it but it should be possible to see it.

I guess we can only make sure when I am there.

My coolest birthday present ever! (with great victory comes great responsibility)

It was yesterday - I just came back from my birthday party (a picknick at the Elbe with just me and my wife) when I had this in my mail:
Channel 9 user email: PDC05 Blogging Contest
Please reply to this email regarding your entry in the Blog'N My Way to PDC05 Contest.

Thank you,

Michael Lehman | PDC05 Contest Coordinator
Of course I knew what this meant right away and I replied. The next mail made it official:

I am please to inform you that
of the Blog'n My Way To PDC05 Contest!
Thank you for this übercool birthday present! I did not expect this at all (well, to be honest, I kept my fingers crossed desperately all the time and the 4 days after the 15th have been agonising).

With great victory comes great responsibility. I am hoping to provide you with some high quality blogging over the next weeks. I promise I'll try hard. Don't be too harsh with me though. This is my first real blog and English is not my native language. Please ignore little orthographic mistakes. Please do not ingore textual/technical mistakes. If I mix up facts or you have the feeling that I misunderstood something or missed the point, please don't hesitate to contact me.

So what am I going to do next ?
  • First of I all I will tell my boss that I was sucessful and that I won't be at my desk during Sept 13 - 16 (maybe 12-17 :) )
  • I will try to get the tools I need for comfortable blogging. (A camera and a laptop). I hope I will be able to borrow it. I don't want to have to rely on the PDCPCs.
  • I will wait for the vouchers to arrive and for Michael Lehman giving me some more info. There are some open questions: Will I have to book the hotel myself? Because if I do, time is working against me. I was told that it is not that easy anymore to find a place to stay.
  • As soon as the vouchers are here I will book a flight.
  • I will plan and concretise my schedule for the PDC. Update 2 of my list of session is already out of date. There are some new interesting session I'd better not miss.
This is all very exciting and virgin soil (can I say that in english ?) for me. Stay tuned !

Monday, August 15, 2005

My sessions preferences for PDC (update 2)

As I promised, here is the list of session I would like to attend at PDC 2005.

Sessions I really must attend and you will find reviews about on this blog:
  • PRS334 - Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") + Windows Communications Foundation ("Indigo") = Magic - Chris Sells, Doug Purdy
  • PRS319 - Building Applications That Look Great in Windows Vista ("Longhorn"): The AERO Experience - Jeff Pettiross, Tjeerd Hoek
  • PRS321 - Windows Forms: Integrating Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") - Mike Henderlight
  • PRS311 - WGF Part 1: Utilizing the Maximum Power of the GPU in Your Graphic-Intensive Windows Vista ("Longhorn") Application - Rudolph Balaz
  • PRS416 - WGF Part 2: Deep Dive into Building Real Time Graphics Applications Using Windows Graphics Foundation - Rudolph Balaz
  • PRS305 - WPF: A Lap around the Windows Presentation Foundation - Rob Relyea
  • PRS325 - WPF: Advanced Graphics (Part 1)—2D, 3D and Text - Kam VedBrat
  • PRS328 - WPF: Advanced Graphics (Part 2)—Animations, Imaging, Effects and Media - Greg Schecter
  • PRS333 - WPF: Advances in Document Workflow—Securing, Viewing, and Printing Your Content - Gregg Brown
  • PRS317 - WPF: Beautiful Code, Beautiful Design - Applications Your Designers Can Work With - Robert Ingebretsen
  • PRS431 - WPF: Building Custom Controls - Kevin Moore
  • PRS329 - WPF: Building User Interface with Advanced Layout Techniques - Henry Hahn
  • PRS330 - WPF: Creating Rich Content Experiences in Your Applications - Fil Fortes
  • PRS435 - WPF: Going Under the Hood To Understand the Architecture - Chris Anderson
  • PRS313- WPF: Integrating with Your Win32/MFC Application - Nick Kramer
  • PRS327 - WPF: Optimizing Applications for Performance - Alexander Stevenson
  • PRS309 - WPF: Overview of Windows Vista ("Longhorn") Graphics - Pablo Fernicola
  • PRS314 - WPF: Using Application Services - Lauren Lavoie
  • PRS324 - WPF: Using Data in Your Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") Applications: XML, Windows Communications Foundation ("Indigo"), ADO.NET and More - Namita Gupta
  • TLN213 - Future Directions for Building Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") Interfaces - Peter Faraday
  • TLN319 - WPF: Adding Rich Design-Time Support to Your Custom Controls - Mark Boulter
  • FUN412 - Five Things Every Win32 Developer Should Know - Raymond Chen
  • FUN318 - Windows Vista: A Case Study Using Win32/WinFX Integration to Light-Up Your Win32 Application on Windows Vista - Adam Nathan
  • FUN417 - Windows Vista: Under the Hood of the Operating System—System Internals and Your Application - Karthik Thirumalai, Richard Ward
  • PRS200 - Choosing the Right Presentation Technology: Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon"), Windows Forms, ASP.NET, IE, and More - Arik Cohen, Michael Wallent
  • PRS310 - Windows Vista: Extending Explorer by Providing Metadata, Rich Previews and Thumbnails for Your File Types - Kerem Karatal, Marc Miller
  • PRS315 - Windows Vista Tablet PC: Advances in Creating Ink Enabled Applications - Jamie Wakeam, Shawn Van Ness
Sessions that I would like to see as well (I will attend them if time and my personal energy resources allow; also I might not review them as detailed as the other ones):
  • DAT304 - Building an XML File Format for Your Application—Just Like ''Metro'' and ''Office 12'' - Jesse McGatha
  • DAT320 - Windows Vista: Building RSS Enabled Applications - Amar Gandhi
  • DAT310 - "WinFS" Future Directions: Building Data Centric Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") and Windows Forms - Ramesh Nagarajan
  • TLN410 - CLR: Writing a Dynamic Language Compiler in One Hour - Joe Duffy, Joel Pobar
  • COM202 - Windows Communications Foundation ("Indigo"): A Lap around the Windows Communications Foundation - Omri Gazitt
  • FUN034 - Windows Vista & "Longhorn" Server: Improving Reliability with the New System.Transactions Classes, File System and Registry Transactions - Dana Groff, Jim Johnson
  • COM319 - Windows Vista: Integrating People Near Me (PNM) Into Your P2P Application - Ravi Rao
  • COM214 - "InfoCard": An Overview - Bill Barnes, John Shewchuk
  • TLN301 - VSTS: Behind the Scenes of Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server - Brian Harry
  • TLN309 - C++: Future Directions in Language Innovation - Herb Sutter
  • TLN402 - MSBuild: Architecting a Customized Build System - Rajeev Goel

Monday, August 01, 2005

Trying to blog my way to the PDC

blogging my way to pdc

So this is my official attempt to blog my way to the PDC 2005. Why do I want to go so badly? Here's the story.
I am currently doing my master thesis in multimedia computer science (probably a bad translation ...) here in Germany. Fortunately I have the chance to do it on something I have been exited about since I first heard of it: Avalon (now WPF). So for the past months I have done some heavy research on it and I literally absorbed everything that could be found throughout the internet about it and have also started to develop little example applications.
Within my research I have two major fields of interest:

The first is to get an overall picture of the capabilities of the WPF and how it can be used to create better applications. This includes performance investigations as well as the development of various prototypes that leverage all the different aspects of the WPF API. I am also covering the possibilities and restrictions of WPF for multimedia authoring. How can I use WPF to edit and save out multimedial content?
The second part concentrates on how a software company can use the power of WPF within their products (existing or new) without having to throw their long grown win32 codebase overboard. So I am investigating all the interop possibilities here.

I think the PDC is the perfect place and opportunity to get new valuable and fruitful input and to discuss my experiences with fellow attendees and hopefully to give those developers behind the APIs some valuable firsthand feedback in real eye-to-eye conversations.

So how would the community benefit? Well, I have set up this pretty little blog here. If I go to the PDC I will report about my experiences at the PDC in great detail. That means I will review the sessions I have seen and the discussions I had and reflect that on my personal knowledgebase within the above mentioned region of interest. I will also keep you informed about who I met, how I spent the day and how the food and the parties were (Channel9Guy and a Digicam will come along - so stay tuned for hot imagery on this blog).

As for the sessions, I already have a concrete idea on which ones I would like to attend. I will post a list of them soon (500 words, baby !). I selected sessions that relate to my research and to where my competences lie. However I might not be able to see all of them but you can rest assured that I won’t miss any of them if they don’t overlap.

Since I have this odd hobby and to stress that I really would love to go, I made this little movie trailer for you to download and watch. I modelled, animated, composed and played everything myself. If you liked it and/or would like to see me going to the PDC click the red flair at the top of this article.