Sunday, September 11, 2005

blogging with the jetlag

Yes! I have found my way to L.A. It really was an awful flight. If I may give you an advice: Dont fly with Air India ! You'll get to see cheap Bollywood movies without a break on old faded monitors, the flight attendees look at you as if you were a criminal (if they show up at all - I was offered two drinks during the 11h flight) and the Boing 747 interior made me feel like I am in the 70ies (with the exception that it probally looked much less used and "worn out" back then).

It is 6 a.m. now and I am lying in my kingsize bed in my 60 square meter room in the Wilshire Grand and can not sleep anymore - jetlag at its best!

Arriving at the hotel room really made me forget about the flight. Microsoft sure knows how to make their "disciples" happy! The room is hughe, it has an awsome view, two bathrooms (I really needed that !) and when I got here there was a big fruit and cheese plate waiting for me. But the best thing, there is free WLAN throughout the entire hotel. So I can stay on msn messenger whereever I go :) As it turns out Casey's "room" is even crazier, it has a grand piano. Check out his blog for some stunning pics.

Infact I am writing this blogentry using my new Windows Mobile 5 reallysmartphone T-Mobile MDA Pro (aka HTC Universial). I talked about this cool gadget purchase on channel9 see some pics here Peter has his room right next to me and in 3 hours we will be meeting for continental breakfast an then we are off to precon "the smart client perspective".
Stay tuned folks !

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