Monday, August 15, 2005

My sessions preferences for PDC (update 2)

As I promised, here is the list of session I would like to attend at PDC 2005.

Sessions I really must attend and you will find reviews about on this blog:
  • PRS334 - Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") + Windows Communications Foundation ("Indigo") = Magic - Chris Sells, Doug Purdy
  • PRS319 - Building Applications That Look Great in Windows Vista ("Longhorn"): The AERO Experience - Jeff Pettiross, Tjeerd Hoek
  • PRS321 - Windows Forms: Integrating Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") - Mike Henderlight
  • PRS311 - WGF Part 1: Utilizing the Maximum Power of the GPU in Your Graphic-Intensive Windows Vista ("Longhorn") Application - Rudolph Balaz
  • PRS416 - WGF Part 2: Deep Dive into Building Real Time Graphics Applications Using Windows Graphics Foundation - Rudolph Balaz
  • PRS305 - WPF: A Lap around the Windows Presentation Foundation - Rob Relyea
  • PRS325 - WPF: Advanced Graphics (Part 1)—2D, 3D and Text - Kam VedBrat
  • PRS328 - WPF: Advanced Graphics (Part 2)—Animations, Imaging, Effects and Media - Greg Schecter
  • PRS333 - WPF: Advances in Document Workflow—Securing, Viewing, and Printing Your Content - Gregg Brown
  • PRS317 - WPF: Beautiful Code, Beautiful Design - Applications Your Designers Can Work With - Robert Ingebretsen
  • PRS431 - WPF: Building Custom Controls - Kevin Moore
  • PRS329 - WPF: Building User Interface with Advanced Layout Techniques - Henry Hahn
  • PRS330 - WPF: Creating Rich Content Experiences in Your Applications - Fil Fortes
  • PRS435 - WPF: Going Under the Hood To Understand the Architecture - Chris Anderson
  • PRS313- WPF: Integrating with Your Win32/MFC Application - Nick Kramer
  • PRS327 - WPF: Optimizing Applications for Performance - Alexander Stevenson
  • PRS309 - WPF: Overview of Windows Vista ("Longhorn") Graphics - Pablo Fernicola
  • PRS314 - WPF: Using Application Services - Lauren Lavoie
  • PRS324 - WPF: Using Data in Your Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") Applications: XML, Windows Communications Foundation ("Indigo"), ADO.NET and More - Namita Gupta
  • TLN213 - Future Directions for Building Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") Interfaces - Peter Faraday
  • TLN319 - WPF: Adding Rich Design-Time Support to Your Custom Controls - Mark Boulter
  • FUN412 - Five Things Every Win32 Developer Should Know - Raymond Chen
  • FUN318 - Windows Vista: A Case Study Using Win32/WinFX Integration to Light-Up Your Win32 Application on Windows Vista - Adam Nathan
  • FUN417 - Windows Vista: Under the Hood of the Operating System—System Internals and Your Application - Karthik Thirumalai, Richard Ward
  • PRS200 - Choosing the Right Presentation Technology: Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon"), Windows Forms, ASP.NET, IE, and More - Arik Cohen, Michael Wallent
  • PRS310 - Windows Vista: Extending Explorer by Providing Metadata, Rich Previews and Thumbnails for Your File Types - Kerem Karatal, Marc Miller
  • PRS315 - Windows Vista Tablet PC: Advances in Creating Ink Enabled Applications - Jamie Wakeam, Shawn Van Ness
Sessions that I would like to see as well (I will attend them if time and my personal energy resources allow; also I might not review them as detailed as the other ones):
  • DAT304 - Building an XML File Format for Your Application—Just Like ''Metro'' and ''Office 12'' - Jesse McGatha
  • DAT320 - Windows Vista: Building RSS Enabled Applications - Amar Gandhi
  • DAT310 - "WinFS" Future Directions: Building Data Centric Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") and Windows Forms - Ramesh Nagarajan
  • TLN410 - CLR: Writing a Dynamic Language Compiler in One Hour - Joe Duffy, Joel Pobar
  • COM202 - Windows Communications Foundation ("Indigo"): A Lap around the Windows Communications Foundation - Omri Gazitt
  • FUN034 - Windows Vista & "Longhorn" Server: Improving Reliability with the New System.Transactions Classes, File System and Registry Transactions - Dana Groff, Jim Johnson
  • COM319 - Windows Vista: Integrating People Near Me (PNM) Into Your P2P Application - Ravi Rao
  • COM214 - "InfoCard": An Overview - Bill Barnes, John Shewchuk
  • TLN301 - VSTS: Behind the Scenes of Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server - Brian Harry
  • TLN309 - C++: Future Directions in Language Innovation - Herb Sutter
  • TLN402 - MSBuild: Architecting a Customized Build System - Rajeev Goel


Anonymous Nick Kramer said...

Hope to see you there! Let me know if there's anything you want me to cover in the MFC/Win32 talk.

10:42 PM  

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