Monday, August 29, 2005


Some of you probably might remember that Video with the Clear Type team on channel9. They showed off this very nice looking book: "Now read this - The Microsoft Clear Type Font Collection". As soon as I saw that video I asked them for a copy and forgot about it. Today I had this book in my snailmailbox. What a pleasant suprise.

The book starts with a introduction by Bill Hill (I just love his well-styled facehair) followed by a explanation of cleartype and then presents new cleartype fonts designer for Windows Vista (Constantia, Cambria, Corbel, Candara, Calibri, Consolas, Meiryo,). If I understood this right some really famous artists participated in the design of those fonts.

The book is beatutifully layouted and the pages are decorated with samples of fonts. It really meets the eye. For more information visit the Microsoft ClearType Site.


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