Saturday, August 20, 2005

My coolest birthday present ever! (with great victory comes great responsibility)

It was yesterday - I just came back from my birthday party (a picknick at the Elbe with just me and my wife) when I had this in my mail:
Channel 9 user email: PDC05 Blogging Contest
Please reply to this email regarding your entry in the Blog'N My Way to PDC05 Contest.

Thank you,

Michael Lehman | PDC05 Contest Coordinator
Of course I knew what this meant right away and I replied. The next mail made it official:

I am please to inform you that
of the Blog'n My Way To PDC05 Contest!
Thank you for this übercool birthday present! I did not expect this at all (well, to be honest, I kept my fingers crossed desperately all the time and the 4 days after the 15th have been agonising).

With great victory comes great responsibility. I am hoping to provide you with some high quality blogging over the next weeks. I promise I'll try hard. Don't be too harsh with me though. This is my first real blog and English is not my native language. Please ignore little orthographic mistakes. Please do not ingore textual/technical mistakes. If I mix up facts or you have the feeling that I misunderstood something or missed the point, please don't hesitate to contact me.

So what am I going to do next ?
  • First of I all I will tell my boss that I was sucessful and that I won't be at my desk during Sept 13 - 16 (maybe 12-17 :) )
  • I will try to get the tools I need for comfortable blogging. (A camera and a laptop). I hope I will be able to borrow it. I don't want to have to rely on the PDCPCs.
  • I will wait for the vouchers to arrive and for Michael Lehman giving me some more info. There are some open questions: Will I have to book the hotel myself? Because if I do, time is working against me. I was told that it is not that easy anymore to find a place to stay.
  • As soon as the vouchers are here I will book a flight.
  • I will plan and concretise my schedule for the PDC. Update 2 of my list of session is already out of date. There are some new interesting session I'd better not miss.
This is all very exciting and virgin soil (can I say that in english ?) for me. Stay tuned !


Anonymous boki said...

Congratulations :]

10:45 PM  
Blogger ian said...

"virgin territory" is a more common English idiom, but the meaning is clear.

Congratulations anyway *through gritted teeth*

12:26 AM  

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